Super Hack: San Diego's Premier High-School Hackathon

Super Hack is San Diego's Premier High School Hackathon.


San Diego, America's finest city, is faced with an issue. Despite the plethora of educational opportunities and creative minds, students aren't actively encouraged to "make." While theory is in our future, practicality must not be overlooked, and the art of practicality is derived through events such as hackathons. In lieu of this demand, Super Hack was started with one goal and one goal only in mind: create an event revolving around making.


After all, coding is a superpower. While we can't quite become Batman nor Superman, our symbiotic connection to the virtual world enables us to create smarter Spotify playlists, high-energy quantum computers, and decentralized communication algorithms that can power the next generation of digital surfers.


It's not just us, it's a movement. So join us in San Diego, where the surf is high and the receding beach awaits innovation.

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High-school students in grades 9-12 may attend. If the participant is a minor, they must attach their parent/guardian's email when registering.


Any submission to Super Hack is permitted, given that said submission:

1. Is useful in some way and does not infringe on the user's privacy

2. Is consistent with the hackathon theme (which will be released on the day of the hackathon)

3. Is open to being published in the media (Wall Street Journal, Del Mar Times, etc.)

4. Is inclusive and follows Hack Club's Code of Conduct.


Harris Beg

Harris Beg
President, Super Hack

Judging Criteria

  • Useful
    Hack must be useful in some regard.


  • Productivity
  • Lifehacks
  • Social Good